Write for TSL

Are you interested in writing for TheSurrenderedLife.com? Regardless of if you’re a seasoned writer or just a first-timer, we’d absolutely love to have your contribution. Not only will you be able to share God’s goodness with people from all over the world, but it’s also a chance for you to gain exposure for your website and/or writing. It is our desire to provide fresh, high quality articles on a regular basis, and we’d love to have your help in making this happen.


  • Your article will be featured for all to see
  • You will receive an author profile in which you can promote your work and your website.
  • You will be sharing valuable information that will hopefully draw people closer to God


What we need from you:

  • The name you prefer to be known as (must not be an impersonation of someone else)
  • Your website URL (If you don’t have a website it can link to your Facebook, twitter, or any other social media account you prefer)
  • A short bio describing who you are and what you do (Should not exceed 100 words)
  • A gravatar or small picture of yourself (or an image that you want to associate your identity with)



  • You must write the article in English
  • Article should have minimal typographical/grammatical errors (We do reserve the right to edit minor mistakes)
  • All articles will go through an approval process. We truly strive for excellence and thus we cannot and will not accept poorly written articles.
  • The information in your bio must not promote material that is directly opposed to the mission of serving and honoring God.
  • The article must not have been published on the internet prior to submitting it to us, and must be exclusively for the purpose of publishing on ‘TheSurrennderedLife.com’.
  • The article must be your own original material and not copied from another source.
  • The topic of the article can be anything that is in agreement with living a life surrendered to Christ. If there is a question about a topic you’d like to write about please contact us. (See contact info below)
  • The recommended minimum words per article is 500, and articles should not exceed 1500 words. You can submit as many articles as you’d like.


How To Submit Your Article:

  1. Please follow the steps below to submit your article.
  2. Save your article as a Word Document
  3. Send an email containing your name, author bio, and website (or link to your choice of social media account). Attach the article to the email.
  4. Send the email to contribute@thesurrenderedlife.com
  5. We will send you a confirmation reply within 24 hours, and will notify you if and when your article will go live on our website.


For any questions about how to write for us please contact us at contribute@thesurrenderedlife.com.