World Changers Needed

Over the course of the past thirty or so years the world has drastically changed; for better or worse is purely a matter of personal opinion, but in my honest estimation I feel the world has made a significant shift away from God and His glory. There is a growing preoccupation with sex, money, violence and other trappings of this world. Prayer has been taken out of school and, in the name of ‘separation of church and state’, spirituality made less relevant. Even within the church, many ‘leaders’ have attempted to ‘pimp’ God for their own personal gain. THIS JUST IN — The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who reins in the heavens and in all the earth WILL NOT BE MOCKED!

We have entered a period in time where it is absolutely imperative that we be the world changers Jesus instructed us to be in Matthew 28:19-20 . This does not necessarily mean you have to travel across the globe to be a witness (though that would be awesome), but it does mean that you should go beyond your borders to fulfill this ‘Great Commission’. It means that you must live your life as a living testimony of Christ and all His goodness.

How do we become world changers

I once read a quote by social activist, Mahatma Gandhi, that reads: “We must become the change we wish to see within the world.” It does not matter that Gandhi wasn’t a Christian; his words were spoken very wisely. If we desire to see a world that is more Christ-like, then we ourselves must be more Christ-like.

Being Christ-like comes as a result of seeking the heart of God, and developing a love and compassion for others that will affect change across all boundaries; racial, cultural, gender, etc. When we have the love of Christ in our hearts and we serve with humility, we call God’s divine favor into effect in our lives and into the lives of those we come into contact with.

We must develop a ‘kingdom mindset’ that supersedes any selfish personal agendas. A kingdom mindset is aware of, and concerned with, helping all people to get on the narrow path that leads to the inheritance of the kingdom of God.

Light A Fire

Light a fire and start being a spark for change. There are many things we can do, both big and small, that bring about godly change. Start a bible study at your home or in some other intimate setting. This is a perfect opportunity to help others learn of God through scripture without the setting of an actual church service that sometimes limits the ability to interact. This is also an ideal time to invite co-workers, neighbors, friends of the family, etc.

Find out what some of the needs are in the community and take the opportunity to serve others. This could be through tutoring, beautification projects, running errands for the elderly and/or disabled, etc. When we perform acts of kindness we are planting seeds of God’s goodness and mercy. Seeds that, when nurtured and watered, will bring about positive change. There is such a beautiful joy in serving, and seeing God change the hearts and lives of people.

The world is full of lost and hurting people who are longing for the presence of God in their lives. There is such a dire need for healing and deliverance. We must be the vessels of Christ that help to draw people nearer to God and onto the path of righteousness. We must love them and care for them just as God did as much for us.

Never Satisfied

To be world changers we must remain committed to the purpose. It will at times require a great deal of strength, patience, and perseverance. Every person we come in contact with won’t choose to follow Christ, and actually maybe even a great many won’t. But that must not deter us in doing the work of Christ.

In Galatians 6:9 Paul admonishes us not to grow weary of doing good. It is merely a trick of the enemy to have us get discouraged, and want to give up when we fail in winning souls to Christ. Paul continues on in that same verse (Galatians 6:9) by letting us know that in due season we will reap if we do not give up.

Let the desire to grow closer and nearer to God always burn bright within you. Never getting complacent or feeling like you’ve done enough. You were pre-destined to be a world changer…stand firm in you purpose and work your whole life to fulfill it! it! it!

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